The gift that belongs to the stratigist of the Demon Lord Alliance Community Ouroborus Rin

Description of Gift

Owner: Rin

Original Name: Not known

Nickname: Achille's Heel

Uses: The manipulation of distance. Actual distance is not changed. What changes is 'the concept of the distance' that the object travels through.

  • Travel- Allows the user to travel across long distances with just a step and also to bring others along with that mode of travel.
  • Defence/ Barrier- Any attack will be unable to 'reach' as moving the object to hit Rin would take a lot of effort for it would need to cover a 'long' distance even if the spear were to be a meter away from her. This is because that one meter distance is manipulated by her to become equivalent to a few thousand meters.
  • Attacks- projectiles fired by Rin seems to reach the target faster as thousand of meters between can be manipulated to just a meter away.

Type: not known if it is Congenital/ Creation/ Relic of Gods type.

Extent of powers: Not seen as of yet, hinted to be much more awesome(scary) than what is shown currently.

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