The "Another Cosmology", or also known as "Pseudo Star Map Creation (疑似創星図)" is the secret of the pantheons of Gods. It could be said that the worlds - universes built the pantheons themselves. Various examples are Norse pantheon's Asgard, the Buddhism's Three Thousand Worlds, and the Zoroastrianism's dualism of good and evil,...."Another Cosmology" is one of the most powerful force that exists in Little Garden with immense power.

It was stated that Authority of Universal Truth (Brahman) is also a type of "Another Cosmology".


Originally, the "Another Cosmology" is a force that could destroy the Worldview (Cosmology) of the enemy. Its power could surpass even the Almighty Domain (Little Garden 3-Digit). For some "Another Cosmology", they all have the same extra ability which is the ability to nullify Gifts.

In Volume 11, Izayoi used his Aurora Pillar to erase Maxwell with only one shot. Back in Volume 10, the Avatāra of His Highness was also stated to be capable of erasing Maxwell too with a single strike, showing that the "Another Cosmology" packed enough power to kill even a conceptual Demon Lord.

When two "Another Cosmology" clashed, it could create an impulsive with detructive power. As seen in Volume 8, when the Aurora Pillar made contact with [Avesta] created a vortex with power comparable to the collison between stars that could destroy All Creation and reduced more than half of a volcano peak to nothing more than subatomic particles. His Highness also stated that if he and Izayoi used their "Another Cosmology" then the whole Kouen City would be dissapeared without a trace. In Volume 11, at the final battle against Azi Dahaka, if the Brahmastra spear used to against him was the real one then the after-effect from the clash would kill both Lunar Dragon and Solar Dragon, collapsed London replica would also completely obliterated.

In the Short Story of Leticia, when Canaria used her "Another Cosmology" she could change the definition of a second rather than increase the speed of an object to give it acceleration. As stated by her that this is the default function of "Another Cosmology", though further information about this is currently unknown.

Users of "Another Cosmology":

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