Gift Authority Description

Original name: 威光 Owner:Kudou Asuka

Uses: To be exact, the Gift name should be left in it's original language and not translated. There are various ideas associated to it such as influence, authority, power, aura of authority etc. Can be used as a command type Gift to make people with lower spiritual power do the bidding of the Gift holder(influence). Or to add on the spiritual power to a Gift to enhance it's mystical properties(power). Temporary conferring of Mock Divinity(Authority). Another term for it is also said to be (Ray) or (Beam).

What it takes the form of: formless but imbues the targeted item/person to do the bidding of the Gift Holder. Red colour Gift card that matches her dress.

Type: Congenital

Extent of powers: Not fully developed.



LN(Light Novel): Volume1

Anime: episode?

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