One of the Side Story Gift Games.

Geass Roll

[---Name of Gift Game: "CandletheTown"---

i. The registration fee is a bronze coin of the [Thousand Eyes] currency. (Free for those below the age of 10)

ii. Participants are to be bellow the age of adulthood.

iii. and those who have received the invitation from [Willo'wisp].

--- Conditions for the Player's Defeat:

i. Being unable to find the treasured jade within an hour..

Oath: Respecting the above information and swearing upon our glory and Flag, [Willo'wisp] shall host this Gift Game.

Seal of [Willo'wisp] ]


Similar to the case of Izayoi and the Flowers over the lake Game hosted by Shirayuki, this game is for Kudou Asuka in the contest for the rights to go to the Underwood Harvest Festival Eve's Gift Games.


Kudou Asuka (and Kasukabe Yō).

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