A Gift Game between Kudou Asuka and Rattenfanger. This Gift Game took place in Episode 9 and Volume 2.

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: “Chosen one to bear the burden”>>

List of Participant(s):

*Kudou Asuka

Clearing Condition(s):

*Make the mobile doll [Deen] crafted from [Rare Sacred Iron] to acknowledge and follow your commands.

Defeat Condition(s):

*When participant is unable to fulfill condition for solving as stated above.

'Oath: Respecting the above described content, based on my glory and flag, [ ]' will participant in the Gift Game.

“Rattenfänger” Seal


This Gift Game was created especially for Asuka to give her the rights of the [Gift], Deen.


Kudou Asuka

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