The scroll was issued to [No Name] to promote them into the position of Region Master and concession holder of the [Astral Gate]. It was part of the agreement between Izayoi and Shiroyasha in their plans for the redesigning of the districts with waterways to be paved throughout the East Side.

Contents of the scroll

<<2105380 Outer Gate Concession Grant >>

*The Floor Master confirms that this document is a Concessions Grant for an Outer Gate.
*With the Concession Grant issued, the Community can customize the appearance of the Outer Gate to promote themselves.
*The owner Community of the Concession Grant receives 80% of the aforementioned [Astral Gate]'s toll.
*The owner Community of the Concession Grant is allowed to freely use the aforementioned [Astral Gate].
*With the Concession Grant, the Community named " " is recognized as a Region Master.
“Thousand Eyes” Seal

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