Dragon Horn Description

Owners: Sala Doltrake, Sandora Doltrake, Mandora Doltrake, Graiya Greif, Deen(assimilated), Hand of Ruby(in the form of Dragon Horn shavings), Draco Greif and Griffith Greif.

Uses: Varies to the Type of Dragon Horn but has been shown to be mainly of the Fire element. Can be used to generate flames or even add to another Gift to increase its spiritual level/ refine its spiritual power. Griffith's is of the Lightning/Electric element.

What it takes the form of: A Horn that grows from the head. Or even just the severed horn that can be passed down as a relic to the next generation. (Draco Greif's Horn or even the Horns of the Dragon King of the Seas of Stars)

Type: Congenital/ Relic type

Extent of powers: Dependant on the age and spiritual power of the creature that it grew out from...


LN only: Volume3

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