Chapter 1: It Seems The Most Powerful Problem Child Is Now A Girl?!
Series Information
Author StarlightAT, Candypop, Fones
Co-Author Magref
Genre Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Rating T-13
Language English
Writer Same as authors
Editor(s) StarlightAT
Released May 22, 2014

Summary: Izayoi woke up one day feeling a little heavy. He didn't know what happened to him. After getting up from bed he became traumatized. What he saw that he couldn't believe. 

He has transfomed into a girl (A pretty and well endowed girl too).

Part 1

As the bright morning sun woke Izayoi up. He got out of bed and walked pass the mirror as he made his way to the bedroom door. But a glimpse of something in the mirror caught his eye and he doubled back to his mirror.


Everyone rushed into Izayoi's room.

"What's wrong Izayoi-san?" Kurousagi asked

"You shouldn't be srceaming like that in the morning" Kudou Asuka said

"What's wrong Izayoi?" said Kasukabe You

Izayoi turn to everyone.

"I turned into a girl."


Part 2

In Kurousagi's room Kurousagi is chasing Izayoi around.

"Izayoi-san can you please wear the clothing"  Kurousagi asked

"No I am not wearing girl clothing!" said Izayoi

"Kasukabe-san and Kodou-san please help me capture Izayoi-san" Kurosagi asked

"Okay" said Kasukabe and Kudou

"I am never ever going to wear girl clothing!!"  shouted Izayoi

"Kasukabe-san can you please contact Shirayasha-san"

"Okay" answered Kasukabe

Part 3

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