A Gift Game seen in the LN series (Volume 3)

Geass Roll


Participant(s): Sakamaki Izayoi of the “No Names”

Game Master: “The Lord of the Tritonis Falls”, Shirayuki-hime

Clearing Condition(s):

  • Obtain the Aqua Fran and make it bloom.

Defeat Condition(s):

  • The player can’t satisfy the clearing conditions until noon.
  • The player doesn’t have more conditions to clear the game.

Stage details:

  • The participant players can’t leave the radius of one kilometre from the Tritonis Falls.
  • The host has confirmed that the Aqua Fran can be bloomed in the Game territory.

Oath: Based on the rules, the participants of the Gift Game will be willing to bet their pride and flag of their respective community


A Gift Game issued to Izayoi from Shirayuki-hime. There were few who would want Izayoi in their Gift Games and Shiroyasha stepped in to recommend this one to him which Shirayuki-hime hosted out of respect for Shiroyasha.


Sakamaki Izayoi

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