Description of Gift

Owner: Jin Russel

Uses: Can be used to subordinate Fae folk and issue tasks to them to be accomplished. Enhancing and giving Fae contracted spirits a boost in power with or without a contract. But the effect is obviously better with a contract. Without a contract, fire spirits can be made to create sparks(small), wind spirits to whip up a wind(small breeze), water spirits to produce water(vapor).(Bracketed to show how insignificant the power becomes... and a sarcastic way of making it look less useless.) The Gift ignores the spirit level of the Gift holder and would completely override the requirements that would otherwise be needed to dominate the contracted servant. 

What it takes the form of: does not have a physical form but the items that it can influence have to be in the form of a token of contract like a ring or sorts, preferably something easy to carry around(logically speaking even though this isn't said in the story).

Type: Congenital from lineage of Solomon.

Extent of powers: Not shown but it is hinted that with his ancestor being Solomon... he might just be able to contract up to a couple if not 72. And the Ouroboros Alliance is capable of providing the contract tokens.


LN only: Volume3