Gryphon's Reins is a Gift Game in the series.

It is a Gift Game shown in the anime and LN.

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: “Gryphon's Reins”>>

List of Participant(s)

Sakamaki Izayoi

Kudou Asuka

Kasukabe Yō

Clearing Condition(s)

Circle the lake shore astride the gryphon

Clearing Method(s)

Gain the gryphon's approval in [Power], [Wisdom] and [Courage]

Defeat Condition(s)

Forfeiting or the Player does not fulfill the above victory condition

Respecting the above, under the pride, banner and Host Master's name, the Gift Game shall commence.

[Thousand Eyes] Seal


The gift game was Shiroyasha's response to the Problem Children's willingness to fight her. Originally all three of the participants could play but in the end Kasukabe Yō decided to be the sole player.

The Gift Game required the participant to ride the Gryphon around the Game Board and complete the trip through the archway that was also the start point.


Kasukabe Yō


  • The first gift game in the series to show a Geass Roll.

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