Hand of Ruby & Hand of Amber Description

Current owner: Kudou Asuka

Creator of Gift: Sala Doltrake

Uses: Defensive or Offensive usage with the use of flames or water and or both together.

What it takes the form of: A pair of metal crafted gauntlets, a red gauntlet studded with rubies, and the blue gauntlet studded with amber. The embedded rubies and amber are the source of the Gift's power providing the powers of fire and water respectively as each gem have shavings of a Dragon Horn and seeds of the Water Tree.

Type: Creation type (crafted Gift)

Extent of powers: Depends on the user+ there is a limit to the number of uses per embedded gem. when a full crack appears on the gem, it would be counted as unusable and another gem will have to be activated.


LN only : Volume 4

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