Hunting is the main game of Episode 3 and one of the games of Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 3

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: "Hunting">>

List of Participant(s):

*Kudou Asuka

*Kasukabe Yō

*Jin Russel

Clearing Condition(s):

*The suppression of Galdo Gasper, who is lurking within the base of the Host.

Clearing Method(s):

*The suppression is only possible with the use of a designated weapon specified by the Host side. Aside from
the designated weapon, Galdo Gasper is protected by the Geass and cannot be injured.

Defeat Condition(s):

*In case of surrender, or when the players become unable to fulfill the Win Condition mentioned above.

Designated Weapon(s):

*Placed within the Game Territory

Oath: Respecting the above rules, the No-Name will proudly participate in the Gift Game under their Banner.

"[Fores Garo]" Seal




[No Names]

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