A Gift Game used to seal a Demon Lord in the LN series.

Geass Roll

『Name of Gift Game:—In the sea of stars dragon—[51]

Thou who traveleth far across the Sea of Stars, choose the door thou desires and present thy proof.

The first Door: Many stars were born from the initial star and more came into existence thereafter as they multiplied.

The second Door: The collisions between the Stars becomes the flesh and blood for the new Stars.

The third Door: The new generation that is soon to arrive will hail the season of spring amongst the Stars.

The fourth Door: As the stalks of rye sway in the vast lands of the Star, the Gods of the five grains will celebrate and offer their blessings.

The fifth Door: The pulsation within the Earth attracts the freshest water to welcome the era of prosperity.

O’ Traveller who haveth come a long way across the Sea of Stars, two feelers are required as thy compass, crossing becomes impossible without.

O’ Traveller who haveth come a long way across the Sea of Stars, please reconsider thy actions with great deliberation.

Once the Map of the stars is unravelled, the Sea of Stars will be divided into three from its whole.

Wanting not the Star of Destruction to shine, so be tiedth here, the disaster, to be in a long slumber.

Only wishing an eternal sleep.

[Dragon King of the Sea of Stars] Stamp』


The words of the translation have been made to seem like old English as it uses the very formal and old way of poetry in the raw texts. A Gift Game that is supposed to seal Azi Dahaka.


Rin of the Ouroboros sub faction.

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