Only seen in LN series.

Geass Roll

<<Gift Game Name: Jack the Monster>>

·Participating Requirements::

·A person who have killed or hurt a child before;:

·A person who used children to perform evil deeds.:

·Participant: Demon Lord of Confusion ( Permitted to kill anyone who obstructs the Game):

·Game Leader: Jack the Ripper:

·Winning Conditions::

*Defeat the Host- [Pumpkin the Crown];

*Unravel the mystery behind ‘Jack’ by understanding the historical events.

·Defeat Conditions::

*Participant(Player) is killed by the Game Leader and is hence defeated;

*Whenever a part of the Game leader true identity is exposed, the Participant(Game Leader) will lose his strength to the point of defeat.

Oath: The legality of this Trial is assured as long as it is implemented on a participant who has fulfilled the Participating Requirements.

“[St. Peter] Stamp"


A Geass Roll given to Jack by Saint Peter as a way to atone for the sins committed in his(Jack's) murderous days. The challenge was issued to Demon Lord of Confusion and Azi Dakaha.


Azi Dakaha

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