Kudou Asuka

Yō and Asuka have been on good terms since their arrival in Miniature Garden. She was the first friend Yō made when they first arrived. She has shown concern for Yō's safety such as when Yō bet her life when challenging the Griffin and when she came back wounded after battling a corrupt Galdo in a Gift Game. In the Matsuri[festival] of Underwood, they often travel together and sought the same mentor (Garol) to develop their Gifts further.

Calico Cat

Yō was the owner and is the friend of Calico Cat. The cat calls her "Oujo-sama" and has followed her for most of her life. They are almost the same age. But they parted ways in volume 5 of the light novel.

Sakamaki Izayoi

They are friends, but do not talk much. Even during the time when she was bedridden due to the Black Death, Izayoi sat quietly beside her bed reading up on a way to stop the game, saying he was there because it was the quietest place in the palace at that point. She was surprised when he forgave her readily when she apologized for his spoilt headphones, not realizing that Izayoi was much more caring than he usually lets on. However, she cares very much for him as seen in Volume 8 when Izayoi went to fight alone, she pushed herself to be stronger and released a dangerous power for the sake of her desire to fight beside her comrade. She also felt a little bit sad to see that Izayoi was stronger than her and made more achievements for the Community than her at certain time.

Black Rabbit

Jin Russell

Leticia Draculea


They fought in a Gift game in [ Duel of the Creators ] that was held on the same day as Sandora's ascension during the Floor Master coronation ceremony. Though Yō had lost to Ayesha due to Jack's overwhelming power, they have become friends since that day.


The partner of Ayesha, and a friend of Yō. A friendly rivalry follows them in the story.

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