A person who wanders around Little Garden. Kasukabe Yo's father, he gave his bedridden daughter the Gift [Genome Tree], which enabled her to regain her mobility as a result of its copying ability which activated from touching Calico cat. He stated that at one point he had fought Draco Greif, the leader and namesake of the alliance, and remarked it as being a foolish thing to do.


Not mentioned.


By inference from his actions, he is quite a wanderer who likes to go around helping others. However, that also means having spent less time with his daughter. He also seems to look back on his life and recount things he has done to be either foolish or incomprehensible. Described by Garol to be a laconic person who would become very soft spoken when embarrassed or unsure but fiercely loyal to his comrades and friends.


Kasukabe You- Father & Daughter.

Garol Gundark - Seem to be aquanted in some way. Garol was suprized when he heard "Kasukabe" when Yo introduced herself. Also when he is holding the [Genome Tree] he is talking/thinking to himself---"that ojou-chan said that this was made by her father? He could only think of one person who could have done it and that person had been quite close to him."

Willa-o-the-Ignis-Fatuus - Saved her from a Stalker.

Maxwell - Responsible for defeating Maxwell and teleporting him out of Little Garden.


Years before the current story arc, Koumei had helped Ignis Fatuus with an irritating problem: Ridding her of a pesky stalker called Maxwell. Years after, Ignis Fatuus will meet his daughter and tell her about her mysterious father who frequently disappeared.


Genome Tree

There might be more Gifts but it is not revealed but hinted... like how he frequently disappears.


  • Going by the prologue of Volume 4, it is possible Koumei was the original owner of Calico Cat.


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