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"Uh... hello?"
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Laplace Little Demons
Laplace little demon
「One of them eating a piece of pear.」
Biographical Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Personal Status
Powers Identifying the gifts of others with access to many grimiores
Organization Upper echelons of Little Garden
First Appearance



A chibi faerie like demon that always wear margenta coloured one piece dresses. Comes in a group of 5: 4 margenta and 1 purple to show the difference in functions. Though picture only shows one, this one might not be a little demon but the main body. The one that receives all the information that the purple processes and sends.


Favourite food: My guess would be pears. Even if they are spotted and may not cause Black Death ;]


Canaria- good friend. She felt betrayed when Canaria chose to sacrifice her own life to save her Community.



Not revealed, but has much knowledge about Gifts with help from her database: Grimoires.

Her clones/ information gatherers [margenta dresses] can collect information very efficiently and relays it to the commander [purple dress]  before it gets sent to the main body. Something close to telepathic network between them.


  • She named Izayoi Code: Unknown just for the sake of naming him since she couldn't identify his Gift.
  • She is sometimes mistaken as a faerie


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