人类最终试炼(Last Embryo)= Last Trial of Mankind.

Last Embryos are considered to be trials that represent the trials humanity has to overcome, or else face extinction.

In the past, when there were little rules in Little Garden, they were said to consume/destroy everything in their path thus earning the nickname ”Demon Lords” and were considered a 'Natural Disaster'. They were the first Demon Lords in Little Garden.

The other inhabitants, fearing their existence, created Gift Games and Host Master Authority as a special counter-measure to them.

The first mentioned [Last Embryo] was Azi Dahaka (Absolute Evil), he caused a major incident 200+ years prior to the story in the novels, he killed most [Moon Rabbits] and as a result the [ ___ ]* Alliance and the Divine Army came to kill him, however, they were unable to kill him, they merely sealed him.

The second mentioned [Last Embryo], End Emptiness (Winds of Decadence), was said to have consumed millions of Gods and Buddhas, and is called the "Strongest God-Killer” by Carol Gundark. End Emptiness is a living wind that 'consumes' anything it touches, his color depicts his strength, pitch black at his strongest and white at his weakest.

The third mentioned [Last Embryo] is Coppelia (The Perpetual Motion Machine), she is not a Demon Lord as she has been trapped by End Emptiness since her creation for the purpose of luring beings into its paradoxical gift game, the creation of a perpetual motion machine. She was saved by the [No Name] community of Jin Russel, but Shiroyasha said that had she 'fallen' she would be a threat equal to Azi Dahaka, End Emptiness, and Dystopia.

The fourth was merely heavily implied by Shiroyasha to be a [Last Embryo] as it was said to be as equally threatening as Azi Dahaka and End Emptiness, only known as Dystopia (The Closed-Off World).

Currently the [No Name] community lead by Jin Russell. Former name was revealed, but until the volume is translated, will not be used.

Characters who are called Last Embryos

  • Azi Dakaha (Absolute Evil)
  • Coppelia (Perpetual Motion Machine)
  • Dystopia (The Closed-Off World)
  • End Emptiness (Winds of Decadence)

The following are not confirmed to be Last Embryos

Izayoi Sakamaki - Only very lightly implied by Canaria, he is as of vol.8 not considered a Last Embryo.

Highness - He is merely an [Origin] candidate and a wielder of [Another Cosmology] not at all a Last Embryo.

The following that have a high chance to be Last Embryos.

Saigou Homura - Implied by Ayato and Mikado in volume 12. Mentioning that Mikado's main purpose for coming to Earth is to prevent Saigou Homura from becoming a Last Embryo.

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