Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit treats her like royalty. Black Rabbit thinks about thanking Leticia for helping the community learn as stated in Episode 4 - It Seems Some Pervert is After Black Rabbit?

Sakamaki Izayoi

Originally Leticia didn't think much of Izayoi but once she saw his power her opinion changed drastically, as she believed that Izayoi would be able to help protect her former community. Since Izayoi was instrumental in saving Leticia from [Perseus], he is Letica's master, especially after the defeat of her Gift Game in Volume 4.

Kudou Asuka

As she assisted in saving Leticia, Asuka is the vampire's master alongside Yo and Izayoi.

Kasukabe Yō

As with Izayoi and Asuka, she helped saved Leticia and was given the right to own her, especially after she helped in the solving of Leticia's Demon Lord Gift Game.


Her comrade as maids of 'No Name'. Though Leticia is still the most senior maid of all. 


Another fellow maid of the "No Names'.


Her old comrade of the Community before it was attacked by Ouroboros years ago. Together with other members of the Community, they had saved Kuro Usagi when she was still a little rabbit.


Carla was the Jijocho, or Head Maid, of the Draculea Vampire Royal Family. She served Leticia personally and Leticia adored her very much.It was her stories about maids that inspired Leticia to accept the position of maid for the [No Name]s when Izayoi, Asuka and Yo saved her.

Lamia Draculea

Leticia's younger sister that she adores greatly. The two are close enough to willingly make fun of.

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