The main Gift Game of the [Underwood] Harvest Festival.

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: "Rider of Hippocamp">>

Rights of Participation:

*Eudemons that can travel on water and their rider. (flight is not allowed)

*Up to three other participants can be chosen to act as support, for the Rider and the Race horse, from the banks of the river.

*For those that rented a Hippocamp from the Headquarters, the female participants will be required to wear swimsuits.

Things that are prohibited:

*Any attacks aimed towards the Race horse are prohibited.

*Any contestant that falls into the water will be seen as falling from their steed and will be disqualified.

Winning Condition(s):

*Travel upstream from [Underwood] and collect a fruit from the Sea Tree;

*And pass all the others by to come in first at the end-point to win.

Oath: Participating Community, swear upon your glory and flag to respect the above stated content.

"[Draco Greif] Alliance" Seal


Just as the title says, it is a race on the back of Logmas.


[No Names]

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