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SUN SYNCHRONOUS ORBIT in VAMPIRE KING is the main Gift Game of Volume 4

Geass Roll

List of Participant(s):

*All living things engulfed by the Circle of Animals

*#Upon the disappearance of the Circle of Animals, the game will be put on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

Defeat Condition(s):

*None [Death of Participants will not be counted as being unable to clear the game]




*A time limit will be imposed upon all the participants who have targeted and fought against the leader of the game.

*The time limit will be a continuous time loop that occurs every ten days.

*The choice of punishment will be chosen randomly from [Impaling], [Crucifixion], and [Immolation].

*The only way to be freed of the punishment would be to clear the game or during a pause in the game.

*#The death of the participant is not included within the conditions to be freed from the punishment and they will continue to suffer indefinitely.

Winning conditions of the Host:


Winning conditions of the Participant:

*Kill the leader of the game: [Draculea Demon Lord].

*Kill the leader of the game: [Leticia Draculea].

*Gather the broken fragments of the constellations, and bring the Circle of Animals to present to the throne.

*Following the proper procedure and using the Circle of Animals that have been restored to the throne as a guide, strike the heart of the revolutionist who is bounded in chains.

Oath: I hereby respect the above conditions and swear upon my pride in our Name, Banner and the Authority of Host Master to host this game.

“ ” Seal


The Game was technically on standby for years until restarted thanks to Aura, His Highness, Rin and Graiya.


[No Names], [Draco Grief]

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