Black Rabbit

Shiroyasha can be a pervert to Black Rabbit at times but the demon truly cares for her moon rabbit friend.

Izayoi Sakamaki

It is shown that she is one of the few people Izayoi seems to hold some respect for. He was willing to give up on a duel against her and decided to allow her to "test" him, later Izayoi also goes to her for advice on a certain situation. It's unclear whether Izayoi respects Shiroyasha because of her strength and power or her perverted nature they both share.

Queen Halloween

It has been stated that these two are like fire and ice and can never get along. Queen Halloween and Shiroyasha have a long standing rivalry to the point Shiroyasha is scared of the fact of the Queen learning that Shiroyasha lost to a bunch of brats (Problem Children) during a game.


Shiroyasha was the one who gave Shirayuki her [Divinity] as Shirayuki was sacrificed to the Yasha pool. It seems the two are on good terms as Shirayuki stated she would have volunteered to assist Shiroyasha in the development of the East side whenever asked.

Black Percher

Pest's goal is to take revenge on the Sun that went missing during the 100 years the plague took effect, and so desires revenge against Shiroyasha for allowing the event to occur. Even so Shiroyasha was the one who talked Percher into joining the [No Name]s, though she placed Percher into a maid outfit, and thus earning more hatred than respect in the process.

Saurian Demon King

Kouryuu is Shiroyasha's replacement for the [Eastern Floor Master] role, and trusts he can do the job greatly.


The clerk is constantly dealing with Siroyasha's antics, but Shiroyasha does care for her despite her rude attitude.

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