Sound Community II is the second soundtrack of the anime series released on March 13, 2013. Artistis include Shiro Hamaguchi, Keiichi Oosawa, and the voice actors for Asuka and Izayoi.


01     Maou no Tsumeato
02     Community Saiken e no Negai
03     Datou Maou Sengen
04     Kita no Kukaku e
05     Fukitsu na Kimyou na Kaze
06     Toubou
07     Algol
08     Laetitia no Hontou no Chikara
09     Furi na Tatakai
10     Pinch
11     Izayoi no Honki
12     Dean!
13     Kaibutsu Toujou
14     Fukushuu no Riyuu
15     Mateki
16     Saigo no Tatakai
17     Saidai no Teki
18     Hontou no Hamelin
19     To Be Continued? (TV EDIT)
20     Scarlet (Episode 10)
21     Unknown World (Episode 9-10)


Track 20 is sung by Asuka's voice actor and 21 is sung by Izayoi's Voice Actor.

The Dual CD Covers feature Izayoi and Asuka.


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