A Gift Game that utilizes the <Erin Grimoire> of the Celtic Giants.

Geass Roll

<<Gift Game: Tain Bo Cuailnge>>

· Leader of the Participants: “Sakamaki Izayoi”:

· Host Side Game Leader: “ ”

· Game Territory: A 2 km radius from the [City of Brilliant Flames]’s center.: · Game Outline:

*※ This is a plunder type Game enforced on the Players by the Host

All crimes will be forgiven within this Gift Game so long as the following conditions are met:

*Condition I: The Game Leaders will have a decisive one on one duel

*Condition II: While the Game Leaders are duelling, all crimes of plundering are allowed (including death and casualties)

*Condition III: The men on the Player Side will consume double their stamina so long as the duel continues (there exist exceptions)

*Condition IV: Should the Game Leader of the Host side be defeated, the conditions are reversed

*Condition V: Should the Game Leader of the Player side be defeated, it will be impossible to lift the conditions.

*Condition VI: A Game Leader will have a forced defeat should he leave the Game Territory

Conditions to End: The war will end when Game Leaders of both camps mutually agree on the end conditions:

*Should a Game Leader die, the war will only end if the remaining Game Leader allows it to end.

Oath: Respecting the above, under the pride of its Emblem, the [Ouroboros] Alliance will hold a Gift Game.

“[Ouroboros]” Seal


A Gift Game from volume 7 of the LN series, it is the Game issued to the City of Kouen by His Highness and gang (the sub faction of Ouroboros Alliance).


Game is postponed due to the appearance of a greater enemy.

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