Description of Gift- The Death Eye of Balor

Status: Destroyed.

Origin: A Titan similar to Balor, likely to be an offspring in the Balor Titan Tribe that possessed the same eye of petrification.

Similar Gifts: [Beam of Medusa], [Beam of Algor].

Legend: Demon Lord that had immense strength and a body that was as strong as steel. The durability of his body was so tough that even using [Claíomh Solais. The Demonslayer] did not have any effect on that strong warrior. Only killed by Lugh when Brionac was thown at the moment that the eye opened to release the death beam.

Uses: Authority over the Titan tribe that are of the Balor's very own. In addition to the death ray and possibly able to ressurect Balor himself. Only usable to those who have the elemental affinity for it. People who are associated with death itself such as Black Percher, Willa and apparently Aura.

Type: Congenital/ Relic type


LN only: Volume 3

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