A Gift Game shown in both the anime and the LN series (volume 2)

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”>>

List of Participant(s):

*Pariticipants、hosts、communities currently in the Outer Gate of 3999999 and 4000000.(Including 『Highborn of Little Garden』).

Competitors side、Host of the game:

*Spirit of the sun and white night, Star class—Shiroyasha. (Being unable to attend the fight, no contacts are made during the interruption.)

Prohibitions on Participant side:

*Suicides or the killing of comrades.

*Not to leave the game area during interlude (Stage area)

*Freedom of movement during suspension period, is limited to a 500 meter radius with the festival headquarters as the center.

Winning conditions for the host master:

*Rein or kill all participants

*Eight days later after the time limit is over, unconditional win.

Winning conditions for participants:

*One、Kill the host master.

*Two、Shatter the false legend, making the true legend known.

Suspension period:

*No form of aggression between both sides for one week.

Oath: Respecting the described content, the community that host this Gift game based on their glory and flag.

“Grimm Grimoire Hamelin” Seal


One of the Gift Games from the Grimm Grimoire of Hamelin that was issued by Pest in volume 2 in Kouen City, the City of Brilliant Flames.


Pariticipants、hosts、communities currently in the Outer Gate of 3999999 and 4000000.(Including 『Highborn of Little Garden』

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