This gift game appeared in Volume 5 of the Light Novels.

Geass Roll

<<GIFT GAME NAME: "[Underwood] Harvest Festival * Hunting Department">>

List of Participant(s):

*Free for all (Please register for this event to participate. Registration ends one day before the game event)


*Competition will be between Communities (The game allows the formation of alliances in the midst of the game.)

*All participants are to wear the hunting equipment provided, be it a human or sub human participant.

*To determine the winner, results of the score will be calculated by the weight of the game.

*Game that have horns would be awarded extra points [However this is limited to game that can be used for ingredients].

*Duration of the event will start from noon of the day before the Harvest Festival till the sun set on the same day.

Oath: Participating Community, swear upon your glory and flag to respect the above stated content.

"[Draco Greif] Alliance" Seal


This gift game was used as a way to solve the Peryton herd problem that occured during the events of Volume 4. The participating community's hunted down the monsters.



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