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  • Candypopmusic

    Hi guys. Let's start writing the fanfiction because there is no more ideas coming so lets starts. I will put the ideas down for poeple how don't remember. 


    • Some characters dying
    • making new characters
    • making new communities


    • Magref - gift ninjutsu
    • Fones - gift imagination to reality
    • Candypopmusic - gifts weaponary and manipulation
    • StarlightAT - gift change of luck/probability
    •  Makie - gist future reading

    I think we should start thinking with a plot cuase we dont have one...

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  • Candypopmusic

    Letter Help!!!

    June 20, 2014 by Candypopmusic

    Hi guys. It been a long time since I was on. Sorry.

    Wel i need help with the letter I am not good with convicing things and also I think i should send the letter to everyone to sign or something because one won't work I think.  Plaese help me what i should write. Here is what i have now.

    • Please make more episode
    • The story of the LN is good and we want to see it in amimation

    Fones already gave me the address. All I need to do is write so please help.

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  • Candypopmusic

    hi guys. THese post is about hat we have so far.

    • some character's dying
    • have our own gifts
    • making new comunities.


    Magref- gift ninjutsu

    Fones- gift imagination to reality 

    Candypopmusic(me)- gift weaponary and manipulation (main manipulation water)

    StarlightAT- gift change of luck/probability

    Makie (charracter from fanfiction) - gift furture reading

    Any more characters post on here but i ideas post on Part 1

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  • Candypopmusic

    I already know that Starlight AT does fanfiction but how about we make a fanfiction everyone contribute to.

    I want to here your ideas. My ideas are....

    • Making a new problem child that have a gift to summon any weapon she/ he [want it to be a she] saw or use.
    • Making a new community with making our own character and about our rival No Name or something

    now its your turn jot down ideas

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  • Candypopmusic

    More episode

    May 26, 2014 by Candypopmusic

    Hi I'm Candypopmusicand I'm new. I was wondering if we could do an propsoel to the maker of Mondaiji tachi. It was only a little bit of episodes and I think it needs more. If you are wondering how are we suppose to write in japanese I could do that and someone coud find  the maker's email then we will be okay. But this is just an idea okay.

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