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  • FemNorway

    (The symbol as in the thing that say MONDAIJI-TACHI WIKI)

    I have a sreen caption of the title in the first credits and if we put that there it could look nicer. Any comments on this idea?

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  • FemNorway

    New Page Ideas!

    April 1, 2013 by FemNorway

    First off:

    New Page Idea?

    Well, I had a great idea. If we made another catagory and page to follow called the following:


    Demon Lords

    or Community Leaders

    Are those good ideas???

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  • FemNorway

    The Show So Far...

    March 31, 2013 by FemNorway

    The show so far has not ceased to amaze me! All the different situations they get into and all the different people they get to meet (By they, I mean Izayoi, Asuka and You). If there was a situation where Izayoi was critically injured, I would by more entertained. He is always so good at fighting and never gets hurt. He's almost too good! Well, here is my look at the majorly main characters:


    A boy with attitude that doesn't let anything get him down. He totally smashes the "Blondes are stupid" myth!


    The rich girl of the series. She may be cocky like that, but she is down to Earth. Smashes the "Rich, stuck up" myth!


    A soft spoken girl that has ultra everything basically. Yet again, the character has to smash a myth, so, she smas…

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