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  • Psychicken17

    I can't help but notice that the videos we have on each episode page are pretty low-quality. I've begun uploading much-higher quality versions (up to 1080p!) of each video that look notably better to Dailymotion. Over the next few days I'll be replacing the old videos with new ones, like I did with Ep10's video. So if a video stops working for a minute or something, that's the reason why. Just a quick heads-up, thanks!

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  • Psychicken17

    Capitalization of Gifts?

    February 11, 2013 by Psychicken17

    Just a quick question. Should the term Gifts be capitalized? For example, in this statement:

    Yō Kasukabe's Gift allows her to communicate with animals.'

    Should gift be considered a proper noun and be capitalized? On a side note, looking at many subtitled versions of the anime, they say Gifts, not gifts. 

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