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  • Saigou Homura

    Hello, this is Homura. For those who needs the mondaiji-tachi pdfs. Here is the link below. It's quite sad with the DMCA problem with copyrights. Luckily, there's also a Chinese translations for it till Last Embryo.

    Mondaiji Volume 1-9 English Translate: 

    My 'boss' has now made a link where you can get to download all chapter except of Mondaiji volume 11 and 12, Last Embryo volume 1 and 2. Here you go,[1]

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  • Saigou Homura

    Proto Keravnos

    December 2, 2015 by Saigou Homura


    By looking at the size of the axe is. How in the world did Homura have the strength to carry it? Is it from the intense training that Queen Halloween had gave him? Or he himself already have enough strength to carry it? Putting in consideration that he is more of the bookworm type and that he is a scientist. One would think that he is physically weak while having high IQ. Either way, this is unexpected. 0_0


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