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  • StarlightAT

    hello there community, this is everyone's favorite hated admin StarlightAT!

    Today I decided to bring up some conversations, and for the first one it is in regards to the levels of power and force behind the blows of the main character Izayoi Sakamaki.

    Now the main character is often noted to having the power to destroy stars and shake the heavens and the earth. But all we have seen him do is defeat representations of these specific sources. Example A, Algol, the Demon Lord and Celestial Star spirit. Now we can all agree Izayoi hits hard and fast, but we haven't seen how fast or how hard. But we HAVE read it.

    Thanks to the Ouroboros and Azi Dahaka arcs, we got to see our main man struggle and fight at all his strength and with all his wit.


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  • StarlightAT

    Hello everyone this is the (annoying) admin of Mondaiji Wikia, StarlightAT! I have decided that with more editors coming in it was time to place up some standards as to how the pages should look and rules to follow!

    Let's start with the Character Pages. And we will use everyone's favorite OP B***** for the job,

    Sakamaki Izayoi!

    On his page are several sections

    • A small profile with an Infobox
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Relationships (If they have interactions with multiple characters (limit of ten), then a tabber is to be used to make a page based on relationships)
    • Background
    • Part 1 (Mondaiji volumes and stories a character has appeared in with a small summary of the character's actions in that story.)
    • Part 2 (Last Embryo volumes and stories a character …

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  • StarlightAT

    Hey there everyone!!

    It's your favorite....



    • Bursts into tears*


    • continues to cry a river*


    Okay so Baka Tsuki was issued a DMCA by Kadokawa publishing house, as such DAL, Itsuten, Haganai, DYD, Index, LH, Mondaiji. Nobuna, Arisu, Nareru SE, Kuusen, Sakurasou, Shana, Slayers, Chaika, Ero-manga, Spice & Wolf, Baccano, Black Bullet, Accel World, Index, Oreimo and Papakiki are to be taken down from their website. This is the second strike they recieved, the first being Campione!.

    Now I have all the fully translated light novels saved as PDF files. I am currently in the process of hiding them so I can share the link. As for the translated chapters, the…

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  • StarlightAT

    Anon Editors

    September 20, 2015 by StarlightAT

    Hello its everyone's favorite (hated) head honcho of Mondaiji wikia!

    Lately it has come to my attention there is more anon activity than registered user activity. This has been bothering me a bit since anon's seem to be a main source of editing...but not exactly proving information. As of late there have been a few anon editors who I had to rollback edits either due to false information, the information being deleted and replaced with various terms that make no sense or are offensive, and speculation due to the fandom desire for Izayoi to be paired with someone.

    Now, as so far, there has been NO ROMANCE in the light novels, and everyone's reactions are basic reactions people would make in situations, especially with Izayoi and Black Rabbit. …

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  • StarlightAT

    Hello community its everyone's annoying new beuraucrat here with a new proposition!

    So I just realized three pictures were added to Black Rabbit's image gallery and they were fanon art. I took them down because I thought that fanon art shouldn't be on the official character galleries and if too much fanon art was on a gallery page it would overload.

    Though then I thought this might be selfish of me so I am going to ask the community!

    Should we add fan art to the Character galleries, or simply use the fanon portal on the site to add fan art character galleries?

    Personally I vote for the latter as the fanon portal was made for stuff like this, for those who enjoy writing fanfiction or drawing to post stuff. But it hasn't been used for a year and…

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