Holy crap.....we finally have some info regarding English Problem Children!!

Edit: And the DUB IS ONLINE AND I GOT TO HEAR IT YES!!! Voices are 8/10 for me, and the dialogue is fantastic! But don't let that stop you form buying blu-ray or DVD's, we need to show that there are fans in the west who love this series!!!

ADR Director

Christopher Ayres

English Vocal Cast

Sakamaki Izayoi                         Josh Grelle (Dude...perfect)

Black Rabbit                               Jessica Calvello (Pretty Good)

Asuka Kudou                               Nancy Novotny (She grows itno her role of Asuka)

Kusakabe You                             Brittney Karbowski (Okay)

Jin Russell                                 Kalin Coates (Hahahaha! Voiced by a girl and it fits him SOOO WELL)

Lili                                             Margaret McDonald (Okay)

Shiroyasha                                 Luci Christian (Luci I love you, but she seemed to be static in this)

Leticia Draculair                           Carlie Mosier ( felt like Lucia was in adult mode 24/ was cool)

Galdo Gasper                             David Wald (Really handled the sinsiter part of Galdo)

Sandra Dortlake                          Cynthia Martinez (Sora Negino became a Floor Master, not bad)

Black Percher                              Hillary Haag (Okay seriously I must be going crazy she nearly sounds like Luci in this, but amazing as always)

The ONLY voice I had a serious problem with...Weser....there was like NO EMOTION in him. A good voice that suited him...but once agian...emotion...just watching him talk with that sardonic smile that looked like he killed 130 children (oh wait) is matched with a blank voice...

Link to tumblr post above! THOUGHTS PEOPLE!!!!

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