Hello its everyone's favorite fanfiction writer!! XD

Wow don't I sound full of myself?

Anyway if anyone noticed I have been adding in the anime plotlines to the characters Black Rabbit and Asuka, and i plan to add them to the other characters as I watch the series (For the 40th time).

Now this is the question I want to ask. I have read up on the Light Novels and I know what happens, should I add what has been translated by the Light Novels to the plot sections of the characters?

Some may serve as spoilers if no one reads them, and also I have read the Forums for the series with some pretty decent translations of the volumes. Should i add in those as well?

I made this blog to debate about it, give me your thoughts please!

And if i may Pester (XD) the community again...please read my fanfiction my partner and I wrote (why the hell did this part disappear O.O) and give me your thoughts!!

Here is the fanfiction

A Game of Memory

A book can remind someone of so many things. For Izayoi, it reminded him of a few games, and a young girl who would constantly play games with him to pass the time. To Izayoi, she taught him about morality and fate. No matter how strong your power, you are only human, and you will one day die. Original Character and Izayoi friendship. Possible IzayoixOC? Up to your interpretation.

And if you like it, here is the sequel!

Return of Lost Souls

Sequel to "A Game of Memory." The No Names are alerted of a new demon lord, one more powerful than Pest when she appeared. The prophecy of Laplace states a partner he will have, but the connection with 'Time' causes Izayoi to relive memories at the wrong time. Nostalgia and melancholy over come him, failing to convince Izayoi to not get involved.

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