hello there community, this is everyone's favorite hated admin StarlightAT!

Today I decided to bring up some conversations, and for the first one it is in regards to the levels of power and force behind the blows of the main character Izayoi Sakamaki.

Now the main character is often noted to having the power to destroy stars and shake the heavens and the earth. But all we have seen him do is defeat representations of these specific sources. Example A, Algol, the Demon Lord and Celestial Star spirit. Now we can all agree Izayoi hits hard and fast, but we haven't seen how fast or how hard. But we HAVE read it.

Thanks to the Ouroboros and Azi Dahaka arcs, we got to see our main man struggle and fight at all his strength and with all his wit.

Though something has been bugging me. The continued use of the words destruction of the tars, the force that could shake all of creation.

Now to me, this sounds like poetic exaggeration to make it seem interesting. Yet some seem convinced he can hit that hard. I may not be a science and math nerd. Nope I am the INFP personality type that is more artistic than anything else. I like letting my creativity shine.

So I won't lie, this seems like exaggeration to me. Because the ONLY thing I have seen Izayoi completely demolish is a freakin city when he is in a blood rage after what happened to Black Rabbit.

That's why I want to bring it up with the Awesome fans on the wikia!!

This also includes characters like Black Rabbit, You, Mikado, Baron, you name it.

So tell me, based on what we have seen and learned, do you think that some of the author's words are exaggerations or accurate descriptions of the character's strengths?

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