So I asked them a question a few days back....

First I need to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for dubbing and releasing Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They on Blu ray and DVD. I was literally jumping for joy when that was announced! So my questions are, what caused you to chose this title to dub? Also, I learned that you guys managed to get the right for No game No Life. When could we be expecting a release date for that? Thank you so much once again for bringing over Problem Children!

Sentai responded with this... Problem Children was a show that we had a lot of confidence in, judging from the numbers, and since many of us around the office really enjoyed it the first time around, it was an easy decision to make. No Game, No Life was also one of those shows that we couldn’t get enough uf, haha. As for a release date, it’s still way too early to tell, as it just finished airing. It’s a very special show for us though, FYI. :)

Now...what could these numbers be? Maybe i am reading too much into it might be sales, might be poll numbers. who knows...I wanna ask though!! XD

UPDATE: I got back and I find THIS on the question I mentioned

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.........HOLY HECK!!

Oh and for is the link to the question.

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