Okay so this is something I have been noticing....

Anons, you have been leaving messages on the pages, messages that would be seen in like a chat or on a message wall. DO NOT DO THAT. The wikia is meant to be a source of infromation. The editors are trying to make this look professional looking but you are not helping by using it as a chat page. If you have any questions ask me, StarlightAT, or the other users that are...somewhat active on the wikia.

I will admit I am not on here often enough to edit but I am trying as well as others like the new users who edit my many grammar mistakes. We are trying to make the pages look better and your need to leave messages on the pages you edit in parenthesis makes it seem less of a source of infromation and you are advertising it as a site where you can write whatever on the pages.

Any question, either go to the forums here

Mondaiji Forums

Or come to one of the many users. I may not be on but I am willing to answer as many questions as possible.

Just...please STOP making comments on the pages themselves and keep them to the comments below....seriously I am not even sure I got all of the comments off of the pages!! DX

ALSO!! For the user adding false or unidentified information on the pages.....either leave a link to prove this or stop doing it or else I will head off to the admin and ask them to ban you. Then again I probably should right now given you are banned on THREE OTHER WIKIA SITES.....

Summary, Anons stop treating the pages meant for information as a CHAT PAGE! IT IS NOT. It makes the idtors have more work to do to make the wikia look nice and seeing it happen constantly is driving me nuts...especially since youshould know just by looking at the pages that if the OTHER users haven't done it then you shouldn't do it either.

Okay you all can yell at me now and call me a hypocrite for my rant.

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